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How to change your letters' content

If you want to update the content for all your letters and landing pages, please check below how easily you can do that.

  1. Be logged in as admin
    • Make sure that you are logged in the web interface as an administrator. When logged in as admin you will see a menu-point that says “Textboxes”/”View Textboxes”. Going there will bring you to the textbox overview.
  2. Get an overview
    • You can read multiple information for each textbox from this overview:
      1. The search functionality Here you can search for active/inactive textboxes (Valid Search), the internal approval status, the language of the textbox, a name/code or description Search Functionality
      2. The name/code
        The name of the textbox how it is linked to RIMS. Do not change! Name/Code of Textbox
      3. The description
          The text to recognize/search a specific textbox. Can be changed by you.
          Description of Textbox
      4. The validation dates
          Linked to the arrival date of the guest, this period is when the textbox is shown on the letter.
          Validation Period of Textbox
      5. The status
          An internal indicator whether this box is checked and approved or not. This has no effect on the letters! Textbox will be shown also if “not approved”.
          Internal approval status of Textbox
      6. The last edited date and user
          Indicator who edited the textbox the last time.
          last modified info of Textbox
      7. The actions you can take
          Edit to view or edit the textbox, copy to create a duplicate of the current textbox, delete only if you are 200% sure you don’t need this textbox. Cannot be retrieved once deleted.
          edit, copy and delete actions of Textbox
      8. The preview-overview functionality (at the very bottom of the page)
          Opens a new page where you can see all textboxes with name, description and content. Helpful if you look for a specific box where you don’t know the name.
          last modified info of Textbox
  3. Edit a texbox
    • The Edit View Edit Textbox ViewOn the Edit view you see two parts – the top part, where the textbox information are visible: the language, name/code, description, validation period and approval status. Please only change the language and validation if you are sure of what you are doing, as else it can happen that the textbox is not shown on the letter anymore. On the lower part you can see and access the actual textbox as visible on the letter/ landing page.
    • Edit Text
        This is straightforward, you just go in the box and write your text as in every text editor.
    • Edit Images
        If you change an image, please always make sure that the new image has the same dimensions as the old one! If you are not sure about the dimensions, please contact us about it.
      1. Select the image to change.
         Select the image
      2. Select the small document symbol with the + on the corner.
      3. Select one of the existing images or upload one from you PC via the “Upload” button.
          image manager
    • Edit Links & Buttons
        To edit a link or a button you need to mark the text (of the button) which should be linked or changed. Then click on the chain symbol in the toolbar to open the window where you can enter your link. You can enter either email addresses or websites. When adding website, make sure that you always have the full URL, including “https://” etc.
  4. Create a special season textbox
    • If you want to create a special promotion or display a special notice for your guests in a certain period you can do so by creating a copy of the textbox you want to amend for this special time only.
      1. Select the action “copy” in the overview — this will lead you to a new page where you have created a exact duplicate of the original textbox.
      2. Here you can now adapt the content to the special season one and also amend the “validation dates” to the period of your season (please remember, they are linked to the “Arrival Date” of the guest).
      3. Change the description, so you can find it again.
      4. Voila, your special promotion.
    • The reason to do it like this and not just amend the original textbox is, that you will also have guests which do not arrive in the special time and should not see this special info. As the textboxes are shown per their shortest validility-period on time of arrival, all guest will see the correct content at the correct time

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