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OPERA: Set Up Mailing Reports

To send Mailings (that means all letters where the sending process is triggered automatically in OPERA) we first need to set them up. How to do this will be explained below.

Setting up the mailing reports in OPERA consists of the following steps:
    1. Find out which OPERA Database version you are using
    2. Add the downloaded report to the runtimes folder on the Application Server of OPERA: D:\MICROS\OPERA\production\runtimes (Please add it directly in there, not in a subfolder)
      • If you have more than one application server please add it to each one
      OPERA Add Report
    3. Log in to the OPERA Application with a supervisor log in and go to Configuration OPERA Menu Configuration
    4. Go to “Reports” OPERA Config - Setup - Report Setup - Reports
    5. On the reports window click New to add the reports stored in the runtimes folder to the application OPERA New Report
    6. Select the report you just added by clicking the little arrow on the field File Name
    7. Search for the report and then select it from the File List and click OK OPERA File List
    8. Back in the new reports window
      • Fill in the field Report Name
      • Select the Report Group to be “Reservation”
      • Then click OK
      OPERA New Report Window
    9. Switch to PMS OPERA PMS
    10. Open the Reports Scheduler OPERA Reports Scheduler
    11. Add a new report OPERA Reports Scheduler
    12. Select the previously added report
      • (You can search for the report name to make it easier)
      • Select the report and click OK
      OPERA Reports Selector
    13. Configure the times when the report should run
      • Select a Date and Time in the future
      • Select the interval of the report to be Every Day
      • If you have multiple application server, please make sure you selected the correct one
      • Then click OK
      OPERA Reports Scheduler
    14. Select the File on the new pop-up window OPERA Reports Add
    15. Add the email address
      • Click New on the bottom part of the report scheduler
      OPERA Reports Scheduler - Add Email
    16. Select Type: Email
      • The email address is “hotelcode”[email protected] (please replace “hotelcode” with your OPERA-code in lower case!)
      • Add the Subject if available
      • Then click OK
      OPERA Reports Scheduler - Add Email
    17. Check if report and email address are correlating
      • You can run a test if you click on Run Now, please check with us if this is already available
      OPERA Reports Scheduler - Finish