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Welcome Guests with RIMS: Personalized Hospitality

RIMS offers a personalized touch to any guest experience with a custom message tailored to each individual. Guests are welcomed and appreciated with a message that expresses appreciation and provides an extra sense of care. With RIMS, you can ensure that each and every guest feels special, even beyond the traditional greeting.

Reservation Templates

Get the edge over your competition with RIMS email templates! Our web-based system lets you create emails to match your guest’s preferences in no time. With RIMS, you’ll be sending personalized emails matching your brand’s unique style and tailoring your information to your guests.

Landing pages

Make your guests’ stays more enjoyable than ever before with RIMS! Our easy-to-use landing pages let you quickly upsell rooms, offer transfers, and even let each guest share their preferences to make your hotel stand out from the competition. Start satisfying your guests by offering a personalized experience that will be like no other.


Our cloud-based solution lets you create pre-arrival, post-stay and in-house mailings to inform each guest about upcoming events, their reservations and ask about their experiences in your hotel. With RIMS, you can ensure that your guests are well-informed and delighted from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.

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