Welcome Guests with Personalized Hospitality

RIMS is a hospitality software designed to ensure that your guest email communication will be better than ever.

With RIMS you can generate personalized email messages for each and every guest, ensuring an easy and fantastic email experience.

Your Guests are individual!

So will be your E-mails

A warm welcome for every guest

We create individual and personalized emails for every guest, making sure that they don’t just receive a generic email when they first arrive.

Your corporate design, in addition to automatically tailored pieces of information, will surprise your guests, and they will feel welcomed and appreciated.

Make the most of customer communication

Our software helps you to manage your guest communication more efficiently! 

Allowing you to hear about the needs of your guests via our Preference Planner, inform them about Upgrades with our Upsell Mailing, and directly let them choose their rooms and send the Upsell Request to you with ease, RIMS provides lots of solutions that will upgrade your guest communication onto the next higher level.

Ease of use

RIMS is designed to be simple, logical, and easy to use for your employees. It will fade into your everyday working day seamlessly. 

Making their life easier will also improve their overall satisfaction, and they will have more time to make your guests happy.

Trusted by prominent clients around the World