Template Examples

Take a look at a few of our current template examples, each thoughtfully designed to meet our clients’ diverse needs and design preferences.

Reservation Confirmation

The Reservation Confirmation Email serves as the core of every guest email interaction, shaping the initial impression even before they reach your destination. It’s completely adaptable to your requirements and tailored to each guest, ensuring a warm and personalized welcome and giving them a feeling for beeing individual.

Offer Form & Offer E-Mail examples

Craft enticing offers for your guests effortlessly. Utilize our user-friendly Offer form to swiftly create and instantly send personalized offers to your guests. Streamline the process further with our Offer Reconfirmation Landing Page, allowing your guests to promptly accept the tailored offers you’ve extended.



Our Mailing examples


Reinforce your guests’ reservation details and showcase your dining options in our Pre-arrival mailing. Incorporate our Preference Planner landing page to gain deeper insights into your guests’ preferences, ensuring a delightful stay tailored to their needs. For guests without pre-arranged transfers, consider offering them through promotions or our Transfer Request landing page.


Thank your guests for staying with you and encourage them to leave an online rating or a personal note.

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