Our Software

Professional reservation communication software for Hotels & Resorts

How does RIMS work?

RIMS will gather data from your PMS and then craft an email template using the reservation details and your chosen design preferences.

How does the integration process work?

Our installer will be fully available to assist you throughout the entire installation process, from setting it up within your PMS to sending your first RIMS email to your guests.

Are there any design limitations?

The only limitation is your imagination. With our many years of experience, we will advise you right from the start on how we can realize your template mockup.

Can I change content displayed in the E-Mail?

We have developed a Datastore in which you fully control the information displayed in the E-mails. Pictures, wordings, and if-else conditions can be simply changed or generated and activated. 

Can I see examples?

Advantages with RIMS as your communication software

Unlock a world of personalized guest experiences with RIMS! Seamlessly connect with your guests in their preferred language, thanks to our robust multilingual support, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Vietnamese.

Each message is expertly crafted based on your guest’s unique information. Elevate your customer service by recognizing the loyalty of your valued members, tailoring inclusions and warm greetings for both newcomers and returning guests.

Boost your revenue with our customized landing pages, offering enticing room upgrades, special packages, and more. Capture crucial preferences before your guests even arrive, ensuring a memorable stay. Plus, establish a consistent and polished corporate identity across all channels, providing a cohesive and inviting experience whether they book directly at the hotel, through central reservations, or online.

Elevate your guest interactions with RIMS and stand out in the hospitality industry!